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A Personal Journey of Transformation

This story is about my journey on my spiritual path, a path that I sometimes tried to avoid, but that I was swiftly, one way or the other, brought back to relentlessly.

I have always had a interest in spiritual matters and been fascinated by the reality that there is a life after physical death, that souls carry on and can return to confirm that they are well and very much alive in a different sense.

As a teen, I pursued knowledge of Ghosties and Ghouls. I devoured stories of spirit sightings and mediums or all kinds. I would attend my local spiritual church on a Sunday night and whilst I was not a ‘religious’ person, I did love the platform medium every week, and the healing that occurred after the service. In my twenties I bought my first deck of Tarot cards and proceeded to try to ‘read’ them. This was a disaster, the cards were not for me, and I could not make sense of anything, even with the help of the book that came with them. But if nothing else, I am persistent, after the purchase of about 5 or 6 different decks of cards, I finally found one that I fell instantly in love with, the cards that I still use today, ‘The Mythic Tarot’. The story of the deck is based on Greek Mythology and they have lovely pictures on each of the cards. My real journey had begun….. I also became a Reiki Master in the year 2004.

Once I was proficient in giving useful information with a card reading, spirit made sure I would follow this path and put me in a position to be of assistance to others with my readings. I actually had gone to a new age shop to see if they were looking for a healer, only to be told that no they were not, however they did need a reader. I was with my Sister in law, who suddenly said to the shop owner that “Stella can do that too!” Well there I was on the spot and as nervous as anything, but figuring that this was meant to be, so I had better take the opportunity whilst it was there. I stayed at the shop for a number of years giving readings and getting to know some of the spiritual community that was local to me. I loved my new job, I felt useful and I loved the interaction with lots of different people.

At one stage, life got in the way and I needed to go and get a job that would pay regular money to help pay the bills and not just the sporadic money that came with readings. My other love in this world is cooking, and I took a position of a cook in a little café that used to be up Mount Tambourine in Queensland, Australia. The building is still there today, but it is a different place now, the original owners have moved on and retired. I also found that I loved this job, it was hot and hectic and stressful but I loved it, I was feeding the masses from a little tiny, ill equipped kitchen in a very old building but I was in my element. So busy was I, that all thoughts of my spiritual journey had departed from my mind, I had my children to bring up, My hubby was running his own business and I would do his book work and my job to keep me busy.

It was approximately two or three weeks later that I was on my way to work up the mountain again. It had been raining lightly that morning and there were a lot of leaves on the wet road. Today, because of the weather and road conditions, I was driving very sensibly, keeping to the speed limits as I took my journey up the hill. I rounded a sharp corner that then went straight into another corner in the opposite direction, as I finished turning into the first corner and started to turn my steering wheel in the other direction, the back of my car did not follow and continued to swing out and steer me towards the cliff face at about 60km / hour. At this point I have to admit, I did panic and I pushed my foot on the brake, although to this day I am not sure, but can only think that I hit the accelerator instead of the brake as that wall of rock seemed to be coming at me at great speed. I turned my steering wheel fiercely in the other direction and suddenly I was moving away from the rock face. However, over-steer would be a slight understatement at this point, and my car did a complete 180 degree turn and was now facing down the hill instead of up the hill and worse to come, the bonnet and front drivers wheel were nearly going over the edge of the cliff, still at great speed. I remember at this point having a flashback to the incident a couple of weeks before where I had seen my car down the cliff face and the sudden realisation that it has been a premonition closely followed by an expletive and then talking to whoever would be listening and saying that my work was not done yet, my children still needed me, my husband would miss me and that I was not ready to pass! Yes your life really does flash before your eyes in the moments before you prepare to die. The front of the car started to tip and yet I felt suddenly calm, all panic was gone and a beautiful feeling of serenity came over me, a voice in my head with the picture of a beautiful soul came to me and the voice said,

“It is not your time you will be alright, just hold on!”

Well who was I to argue with such a comforting and authoritative voice and feeling. I grabbed the steering wheel as firmly as I could with my arms straight and my feet pushed to the floor with my legs straight and my body pushed as far into the car seat as was humanly possible and I braced as the car took the first roll, The car and I rolled about 5 times down that hill, and at one stage I remember something hitting my head very hard and thinking that if that did not kill me nothing would! The car suddenly stopped abruptly, engine still running. I turned it off and removed the keys, confirmed with myself that I was not moving anymore and proceeded to try to get myself out of the car. Well the driver’s door was jammed by a tree so I had to climb over the seats to get out of the passenger door. I managed this and looked up, I had rolled down at least 20 meters of almost sheer rock face and the car was wedged now between some huge rocks and some trees. There were people at the top, on the road, who had seen the accident and they called the ambulance and stayed with me. I was very lucky that day, My Angel was with me and reassured me to not panic but to hold on, I am not sure how I would have reacted without that comfort but I am glad that I had the protection and assistance from such a beautiful being.

Since that day, I have gone back to giving readings for people and doing healings, because I have been left with a chronic condition myself, Fibromyalgia. I am not able to do any other form of work because my body is not able to sustain anything for too long. I walked away from the accident with whiplash and nothing else, unfortunately the accident is probably what triggered the Fibromyalgia, but whilst I do suffer at times, I do not feel ‘poor me’, I embrace the knowledge that spirit and the Angels wanted me to come back to assisting others with beautiful connections and validation from them to their loved ones here on Earth. I have learnt a lot from having a chronic pain condition, I have more compassion for others, and an understanding of mood swings and a multitude of different conditions that people have to go through in their daily lives, and I feel in the long run that it has made me a better person, and definitely a better reader, and much more understanding and compassionate of others.

Today, I do readings wherever I possibly can and I also give healings and teach Reiki to others. Of course my most recent venture is being part of this magazine and I feel blessed to have so many other people involved in the venture with Mandy, Joanne and Myself, bringing knowledge to all of our beautiful readers. Life is a journey of discovery but it is also a journey of teaching, once you discover something wonderful, it is only right to shine that beautiful light on to others and to share the blessing. I have been and I still am truly blessed in my life.