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Remote Reiki Healing One Hour Treatment


If you would like to receive the benefits of a wonderful Reiki treatment, but do not live close enough to me to visit me for a hands on healing, this is an alternative.  Order your remote healing here, choose the time to suit you and then just relax knowing that you will receive the healing treatment that you want and will get feedback after the event as to any messages that came through at the time of the healing. This full one hour treatment is a marvellous way to relax and unwind after any form of stress, it involves a full 'scan' of any health issues and healing sent directly to the cause. It is a beautiful gift to yourself or to another, as long as they give their permission and are open to receiving it.  On completion of the healing session I will email you a report with information on any concerns or messages that have come through whilst I carry out the healing.

I will contact you via email to organise a time for the healing session to take place.

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