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Be Yourself, You are Blessed !

There is nothing more important in this world than to just be yourself. There is constant pressure put on everybody to conform to some universal way of being, but the finest gift you can give yourself, is to relax, stop trying to conform and to see yourself for who you truly are, a unique and wonderful, individual soul, who is the only person that can bring what you offer, to the table.

Nobody can be more you than you are! Remind yourself every day that you are made in the way that you are supposed to be made, that you are beautiful on the inside and on the outside, and that you deeply and completely love and accept yourself. When you practice this, you will find that without the fear of not conforming, that people will accept you anyway and your relationships with others will be deeper and more meaningful because you do not need to keep up a pretense of being somebody that you are not.

Blessed Be!