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Types of Entities

Astral Wildlife: These are energetic beings that come from another plane or dimension, they have never been human and never will be human. If you have some of these around and are affected by them you may find that you feel slightly off colour all of the time and you seem to attract some bad luck. These things have many different appearances but usually either long and slug like or any armed or tentacled similar to spiders or even octopus.

Elementals: When we think of elementals it is likely that we think of pretty little fairies or helpful brownies, but alas not all elementals are sweet and kind. These entities have some intelligence and can cause quite a bit of chaos in your life. They will be there to trip you up at every opportunity, make you spill your coffee down your shirt and be the reason you are running late and miss your bus or train to work. The effect that they have in your life is all of the annoying irritations that cause you grief, as well as of course feeding on your energy. There disturbance is sufficient to cause you to be in a pretty bad mood a lot of the time and stressed to the eyeballs. 

Demons: This is the worst type of attachment to have, and is not as common as the other types, however, if you find yourself with one of these, you will rarely find it is the only attachment. Demons are very intelligent and very powerful. They will invariably have lesser nasties with them to assist them. If you find you have a Demonic attachment, you will probably have about 5 or 6 lesser entities as well.

Demonic attachments are sever and very disabling to the victim of the attachement. The personality of the victim will change greatly, ranging from depression to any number of diagnosed mental ilnesses, from bipolar to schizophrenia. The Demonic attachment will take over your live and you will find that there no longer seems to be anything to be happy about. Demonic attachment can also show its ugly head in the form stress related health issues, or perhaps genuine muscular or skeletal pain. I would always suggest that you seek professional medical advice if you experience any of these symptoms to rule out any serious medical conditions. If your Medical Practitioner cannot find a cause for your illness then perhaps it would be time to look at possible possession or attachment by these negative entities. Depression is almost guaranteed with a Demonic attachment and it is very important to seek experienced help in order to remove this kind of entity.