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Without doubt, meditation is something that everybody should allow time for in their busy lives. All of us can give ourselves as little as 10- 15 minutes a day to allow ourselves to unwind and relax, which in turn will promote good health and well being. Meditation does not have to be hard, it can be as simple concentrating on your breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth, feeling it fill your 

lungs with pure fresh air and expelling the stale air from your body. Once you have got the hang on this you can take it further by feeling (imagining) the air filling up your lungs and then filling up your whole body down to your feet and down your arms before you exhale the staleness out. Practice this for a while and when you have it mastered you can take it up a notch futher and instead of just feeling the air fill you, you envisage your body filling with white light, brilliant healing purifying white light that fills you and makes you gleam with pure energy and as your body fills with beautiful white light you can see the dark and dreary energy being pushed out. When you have got the idea of visualising you need to take the energy past your feet and down to the centre of the earth to ground you and keep you connected while your meditations start to take you off on journeys. Once you have mastered the art of visualisation you can bascially go anywhere in your meditation and you can go on journeys to meet with your guides, whether they be humanoid, animal or mystical creatures You can keep track of the health of your chakras and keep them balanced. You can travel in your meditation to see your loved ones who have crossed over or you can visit places that you have always wanted to see. If you practice meditation regularly it becomes easier and easier to drift off and find your peace and relaxation.

When you come back to yourself you will feel re-energiesed and refreshed and will see the reason why so many people around the world turn to meditation in the first place.