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Strange Karma

I would like to state at the outset of this document, that it is not entirely my own words; I have been guided by spirit to write this in the manner in which it is written. I actually was asked to write this document and did not think I would have the solid foundation of knowledge to do so without confusing the issue even more, but apparently Spirit think that I am qualified enough, with their help, so here it is... 

We all know by now that there are divine beings, guides and loved ones with us all the time in spirit. We have become accustomed to the idea of them helping and guiding us through life with suggestions and ideas that would further our best interests. We are all in the process of learning to listen to their wisdom in whatever form we are able to receive it. It is a wonderful, magical and beautiful thing to know that we have this help available to us whenever we feel the need to ask for comfort or support, or even just confirmation that we are on the right life path and doing the right things. This never changes; Divine beings, spirit guides and loved ones will always have our best interests in mind.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations whereby we have made a decision, conscious or not, that lead us into real danger. We are not always conscious of the danger of our situation until it is too late to change direction or avert the danger.

These are the situations that you read about in newspapers:

‘Mary, Mother of 5, says “I was saved by an Angel” reports ….’

‘I don’t know where I found the strength to lift the bar from off of my legs…..’

“The person in that car should have been dead!” etc.

We read these stories or hear about them through conversation and automatically say, ‘Somebody was watching over them that day’. We of course would be right, somebody was watching over them that day, as they are every single day of our lives. Isn’t that comforting to know, what a wonderful support system we really do have out there. J

Occasionally, and I do mean occasionally, there is a situation whereby, the person going through the situation of extreme danger, ‘that should have killed them’ actually is at a point in their lives where they are given a choice by the Divine Universe (God, Goddess, Allah, The Messiah, insert your faith here). The choice does not always have an obvious answer and yet there is a split second in which to choose, and a decision MUST be made. The choice relates to whether that soul stays on the Earth plane, or moves on to Spirit. In other instances, the choice is made for them by spirit.

I have come to realise that if we put ourselves in a situation such as this and a choice has been made, regardless as to who has made it, (The Divine Universe excepted), then there is sometimes a trade for the decision we make. There is nothing in this life or the next life that does not have its own repercussions, we call it Karma or reaping what is sown.

I will give you an example to make this easier to understand. This is a personal experience, and I ‘FEEL’ it to be true. I did not initially realise the truth, but had it pointed out to me recently, by another medium, and when I heard the words, my whole being was in acceptance of the truth within those words. I had a very nasty car accident quite a few years ago, and rolled my car down the side of a mountain. The car rolled a total of 4 times and landed 20 meters down that mountain side, right way up, still in one piece, buckled, twisted and completely written off, but still in one piece, as was I. Initially the car went into a spin, and then I saw where it was heading……..Yes my life flashed before my eyes! Yes I felt that this was the end of me in this life! After the initial verbal outburst of shock and fear, I started to talk to somebody in my head, saying that this cannot be it, this is not the end, I have so much left to do, and too many people still depended on me (my Children mostly) and that I still have a lot to learn and to give. These thoughts were answered by somebody that I have always seen as an Angel who told me that it was not the end and that it would all be okay and work out for the best. All this in a split second between seeing the car heading for the edge, watching the front wing start to tip and realising the inevitable conclusion to this movement. When the car started to roll, I held on tight and just went with it. The car came to a standstill eventually, of course these things happen in slow motion, I checked to see if I was alive. I know that sounds like a silly statement, but I was not sure if I was here still, or actually just my spirit was here. I appeared to be alive, and managed to get myself out of the car. I still was not sure if it was ‘here’ but some people who had witnessed the accident addressed me as I climbed out of the car, and at that point I realised that I had been saved. Not only had I been saved, but I was whole and still able to move around and function, “Somebody was looking out for me that day”!!!

Now, some background…. I had a palm reading many years before this incident that was very accurate on an amazing number of things, some past, some at the time and some that have happened since, and one thing this palm reading gentleman told me was that in my early forties, it was possible that I would meet my maker, He told me that this was not set in stone by any means, but that there was a chance that I would be taken at that age, and that I should not suddenly take up extreme sport of any kind or do anything to ‘tempt the fates’ at that time. I have always half-heartedly joked that I would not be around long so would not have to plan for my retirement, but you can imagine me at 42 facing this accident and remembering what this old gentleman had said to me, how amazing was HIS gift !!! but because I remembered his words that this was not a definite end to my life this time around, and then I had the ‘Angel’ tell me that this would be ok, I think that gave me the strength to go with the accident instead of resist and react differently. I had also been shown a glimpse of this accident a couple of weeks before. All these pointers gave me faith that I would get through. Thanks for bearing with me on this, anyway, back to what the medium I saw recently told me….. She informed me that she had been told that at the time of this accident I came to one of these decision times. And that I could have chosen to leave this life at that time or I had the choice to stay, but that the choice to stay would come with many more lessons for me to endure. A kind of bargain with the Divine, if you like. I already believe that we chose the life we will live and the lessons that we will face before we are born into this life, and that this was one of those decisions that was mine to make. For whatever reasons my soul chose at that time, (and I am not wholly conscious of them,) I chose to stay and live on and undergo more ‘soul learning’. I now have a chronic health condition, which whilst being awful at times to endure, has taught me lots of things, patience, control over myself, empathy for others and their situations, to name a few. I often think that whilst I would love to be fit and healthy again, I am rather grateful that in my line of work, I now have more understanding of what other people are going through on a day to day basis. I have of course had other life lessons and situations aplenty to endure and overcome since that day, but I also have had the proof that I needed that we all have help when we really need it, and that nothing is set in stone completely, because we all have free will and decisions are ours to make. Thank you Universe in your wisdom !!!

This however brings me to the other thing I would like to outline for you here today. What happens if that free will is taken from us in a situation like this? This is a hypothetical situation, but it will ring very true for some, it is not my intention to offend or upset anybody at all at this point. I am only trying to give guidance and understanding to questions that have been asked of me. I answer with guidance from spirit and love in my heart, that said, here I go.

A young man is about to cross the road, it is after school time and he is busy saying goodbye to his friends and laughing and chatting about the day that has been, and the rest of the day that will be. The last thing on his mind is danger. Now that in itself is true of all of our children, is it not? The young man walks out onto the road between two parked cars, directly into the line of some oncoming traffic. There is a car that is so close it would have no option but to hit this young man, possibly ending his life, definitely injuring him very badly. Before this dreadful tragedy occurs, the young man stumbles and falls backwards out of the line of the traffic and away from danger. What could have possibly happened? I will tell you one theory that sits very well with my soul knowledge; the young man had his Angel(s) with him that day and was pushed out of the situation of danger and possible loss of life. Now the difference here between the previous situation and this current one, is that this young man had not had any warning of this danger and was possibly not even aware at any stage that he was so close to tragedy.

So if this young man was not even aware of the danger he was walking into, who made the decision for him that he should stay in this life and not pass over to the next one? That would have to have been a decision that was made for him by his guardian Angel, guide or one of his family members who has already passed into spirit. Another question? If every action or decision that we make demands a repercussion or Karma who does this karma belong to? It cannot belong to the young man because he did not make the decision, yet he gets the benefit for that decision being made for him. The karma belongs to the soul spirit that made that decision for the young man, and possibly broke the universal laws of balance in doing so, but did so out of love. Surely that spirit cannot be rewarded for breaking the Universal laws, but then again, how can the spirit be punished for an act of love? Yet a consequence must occur because now things are out of balance. Such a dilemma! Now as this is a hypothetical situation but based on a real one, I already know the answer to this question. “Thank the universe for that!” I hear you saying lol.

This young man had a little dog at home that was very old and not very well. This little dog had been the pet of another family member that had passed previously. Personally, I believe that particular family member is the soul that saved the young man. I was given that information by spirit and also the following information. In order to restore balance in the universe and in order for there to be a suitable consequence for an act of law breaking that was carried out in the name of love. The little dog that was so old and not very well, and facing months of pain and upset with the condition that was growing within was taken from this life. The balance is restored, because the taking of this little dog’s life evened the karmic balance of the life that was saved, and the fact that this little dog had been spared months of pain and agony was an act of love. The family of the young man will grieve the little dog, but will come to terms with the situation knowing that the little dog would have had a dreadful end otherwise, and will rejoice in the fact that their son was saved by the act of a loving Angel, who has now progressed in soul knowledge by going through their own lesson in universal laws.

I hope this answers some questions for the person who asked me to write this note, and I hope it opens up more possibilities for others who may have wondered how it is that miracles happen sometimes and yet seeming tragedy happens at other times without apparent rhyme or reason.

Much Love and Light