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Personal and House Clearing

If you feel there may be a chance that either you or your home or office may be affected by Negative Energies in any way, I am happy to tune in and take a look at no cost to you. If I find that there are concerns that need to be dealt with I will further discuss with you the method and cost that would be involved. Some situations can be dealt with very well by yourself. Others will require more specialised assistance in order to perform detachment and removal of the negative entities.

Clearances performed by myself start at a cost of $80.00 for basic methods but any other costs would be discussed prior to any action on my part. I can work from photographs if you are not in my local area or if you are located overseas, or I can work in person if you live close by. At the clearance I will discuss ways that you can avoid further recurrence in the future.

After a clearance has been performed I will give you a follow up call in a week or two to confirm that there is still no sign of return of any attachments. If a clearance takes place and it is found that there are items in your home that are allowing the recurrence of attachments, I will suggest that these items be removed and/ or destroyed. If you fail to comply to these requests I will not be held responsible for any recurrence. If an attachment recurrs after a period of a month, it will be assumed that this is a new occurrence and due to some act that is being carried out on your part. I will again be happy to discuss removal but there will be further cost involved.

Please use the Contact Tab if you would like to discuss a possible attachment issue. 

Entities, Demons and Negative Energy

There are many things in this world that we would rather not have around us. As with all things, the Universe is light and dark. Most of us endeavour to maintain an outlook of light and love, and attract the same to us. We expect that we are surrounded by Angels and Guides that love and protect us. This is generally the case.

Occasionally, a person will be in a position of extreme grief or anger, they may be suffering from an illness that makes them very week or even somebody may be affected by alcohol or be abusing drugs. If you have been messing around with spiritual matters, such as a ouija board without the relevent protection you are also at these things do leave us open to attracting the darker things in the Universe, and as we are already in a weakened state we are not strong enough to repel their attraction.

There are different things that are refered to as Entities ranging from Demonic, which is the worst kind and are very intelligent and devious, often having very detrimental effects on you and your lifestyle. At the lowest end of the scale are tiny worm like beings that will leave you feeling tired and perhaps a little stressed as they feed on your energy. They do not have much intelligence and are only with you because they see you as a food source. I have recently heard this kind of entity called Astral Wildlife and I feel this sums them up quite well. 

It is also possible that a negative entity or astral wildlife become attached to a home or building that you frequent and you may find that you feel unwell or very tired or just get a bad vibe from a place and that you feel better after you have left the building. This sometimes occurs when bad things have happened in a building or if somebody has again been dealing with the spiritual side of things without adequate protection or maybe intentionally calling in demons because they think it is cool to do so or that it makes the powerful. I can assure you that it is never wise to mess around with these energetic beings, especially if you have no experience in how to remove them. 

House Clearing: If you find yourself moving to a new home, I would always suggest smudging the area before you move in. This is usually done with a bunble of dried herbs and is the Native American tradition using white sage, or sweet grass as a general rule. There are other hebs you can use but these two are the most commonly found. You can either use a smudge stick, as pictured, or you can use the loose leaves in a bowl. The leaves are lit and allowed to smoulder causing the smoke to fill the area to be cleansed, you can waft the smoke around using a feather or your hand, and paying particular attention to corners and under any furniture or behind any doors. As you do this you are setting your intent in the form of prayer, chant, or just simple words to state that the area is clear and free of any negative influence or energy. This should be repeated at any time that the general energy of 

the house / building feels flat. It is always a good idea to physically clean your home before smudging. You can protect your home in other ways too, by keeping crystal clusters in the rooms and regularly cleansing the clusters under the full moon. You can use regular rock salt in a line at the front and back door or mix the salt into water so that it is dissolved and then using a brush or a clean cloth, rub the salt water along the doorstep and window frames.

For more information on the different types of Entities, please click here.