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What is a Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides.

All of us have them!

They are all around us if we could only perceive them. Often confused with Angels, they are souls who walk amongst us, who are here to help, offer guidance, comfort, and yes - even advice.

Just what are these spirits and where do they come from?

They are what are known as Spirit Guides and they come from the Realm of Spirit, or the Other Side. A Spirit Guide, unlike an Angel, was once a human being, like you and I. They lived their life, performed their tasks, died, and crossed over to the Other Side.

Some choose to come back, to reincarnate in a new life, in a new place. Others, however, make the choice to remain in Spirit so they can learn and spiritually advance while helping others still living to learn their life's lessons. This is a Spirit Guide. Spirit Guides, as former human beings, are well aware of the problems we face in our everyday, mundane lives. They were once concerned with very similar matters. They tend to have their own special areas of expertise, often based on past personal experiences or careers they have had in a past life. We all have Spirit Guides that come and go, according to what we are going through in our lives at any given time, but we also have a Gatekeeper, which is a guide that stays with us from birth to death.

This gatekeeper is the Spirit Guide that protects us from negative energies by way of warning us when we are in danger. This of course is not possible if we are not in tune with our Guide and then we are liable to miss the warnings and find ourselves in strife anyway. A soul that has taken on the role of Spirit Guide is generally very wise, and will have lived many lifetimes, and has much wisdom to impart to us.

You may find that you are intrigued by a certain era in time, or by a certain country that you have perhaps never even visited. This is possibly a clue to who your Gatekeeper is.

Other Spirit Guides, come into your life when an issue arises that falls under a guide's field of expertise, and leave when that issue is no longer relevant to you. You may find that if you are studying for a certain subject, you will receive a guide that is well versed in that field, in order to help you with your studies. When you have completed your study, you no longer require that guide’s knowledge so they will move on.

If you become a spiritual healer, you will have guides that come to you when you are actively using the healing energies, in order to help you to use them correctly. When you have finished your healing session, the guides will not be needed and again, will leave you, only to come back when you need them.

So, Spirit Guides often come and go, changing as the situations in your life change, and as you change and grow, you attract new guides to you. Your Spirit Guide is always there to help you. This is their sole purpose, to offer the living their help and guidance. Spirit guides operate at a higher vibrational frequency than we do as humans and it is not always possible to be aware of their presence. It becomes easier to realise when they are close by carrying out meditation and by actively looking for the signs that they give you when they are close to you and ready to help you.